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Just bought it and am frustrated..,,

Not easy to understand and seems to have to constantly down load stuff not worth my time nor money will delete it right away !!!

Fantastic Spanish Flash Card App

Was searching high and low for the best comprehensive flash card supplemental learning app/tool and absolutely found it! Highly recommended (and I tried many!)

Awesomely helpful

This App has really helped me to progress. I have been struggling to retain the most basic Spanish Vocabulary for quite some time now. With this app I have picked up many new words very quickly. The only thing that would make it better would be pictures.

Best App of its Kind!

This is without a doubt the best application of its kind. I am bilingual with Spanish as a second language and I use this application to review my vocabulary. The methodology used in this application is excellent, covering the four approaches to any word: 1) english to spanish; 2) spanish to english; 3) listening; and 4) writing. I am nearly 100% satisfied with this program. The only annoying problem is that several spanish words ( e.g. las habichuelas, las judías verdes) may be translated by one english word (e.g. green beans) and you are at the luck of the draw to guess which word the program is looking for at any given time. If the authors would fix this one minor annoyance, I would give this app a perfect five stars. Having said that, it is still a great app and the best of its kind. If one masters this vocabulary, one would have an impressive command of Spanish vocabulary. Not many people use a vocabulary of 3,800 words in any language.


The best flash card app! Repetition is the greatest aid to learning and through four different ways this is applied.

Flash cards

Easy to use, very helpful application.

Fun spplication

Fun, easy, and lots of review

Great app!

This app makes it very easy to review the language and add to your vocabulary. I use it every day. The exercises are great for reinforcing and retaining your knowledge.

App is crashing

Same with German and Japanese iPhone versions. Like the apps but unusable now.

Almost Perfect

I would give this app 5 stars except for one thing. Once you finish a word list, you can not go back to review it. Otherwise, I have enjoyed learning with this app


I took Spanish in high school and college years ago so I have some Spanish language skills. This program is great bc it not only refreshed my memory,it's me new words as well. It's super to use and fun to play!

It's good

Pretty good if you want to learn vocal. I wish the sticky list was easier though.


Great product and easy to use. Also they respond to issues very fast on bug reports.

I was pulled in

I got the free version hoping that I could decide weather I wanted to buy the app. I liked the free version the way it looked but was disappointed when it didnt look like the free version.

Excellent Learning Aid

This is, by far, my favorite Spanish language learning tool. Obviously a lot of thought and effort went into the creation of this application. For each word list there are 4 flashcards; English definition to Spanish word... Spanish word to English definition... English definition to written Spanish word... And spoken Spanish word to English definition. It keeps repeating until you are able to correctly answer all four cards for a word. I literally have an entire folder of Spanish aid apps on my iPhone 4 and this gets more use than the rest put together. Great job!!

Spanish Audio Flashcards

Not enough in the description to determine the level these are aimed at. I have not found it useful as an advanced intermediate Spanish speaker.

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